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Bite Correction

Bite Correction

A misaligned bite and TMJ (jaw joint) problems can result in pain as well as destruction of teeth and supporting structures. When your teeth don’t fit together properly and/or your TMJ doesn’t function smoothly, pain and pressure results.

A long list of TMJ symptoms includes: unexplained head, neck, jaw or shoulder pain, migraine headaches, tooth wear, periodontal issues, clenching, grinding, and chronic earaches. Dr. Campbell assesses these problems in an advanced dental study.

A personalized treatment plan for bite correction may include:

  • Splint therapy to stop further tooth destruction and provide a proper bite allowing the muscles and jaw to relax
  • Equilibration - Balancing the bite by tooth reshaping to provide a stable and balanced bite
  • Orthodontics to reposition teeth to meet all the ideal bite principles
  • Restoring with crowns/bridges/partials/dentures to provide a stable and equilibrated bite